Why Does My Room Smell Bad: Read These Funny But Shocking Reasons

by Mario Garcia
Why Does My Room Smell Bad

What’s the reason my room keeps smelling bad? Have you been asking yourself this question lately? Well, tons of factors could be responsible.

It’s easier to pick up a bad smell in a smaller room than a more spacious room. Poor ventilation in the room can also make it easier to notice the foul odor in a room.

The human nose has hundreds of odor receptors, and each can sense different odor molecules. Overall, humans can recognize ten thousand different smells.

However, if you have been in the room for a long time, you might not notice the bad odor oozing from your room. You may only notice this after spending time outdoors or in a well-ventilated environment.

Anyone that walks into your room can smell the foul odor. So, before someone starts embarrassing you, it’s high time you took action.

First, let’s identify the reason your room smells and the steps you can take to change that. Keep reading!

Reasons Your Room Smell Bad

Many factors contribute to a room’s foul smell. The problem could be from your pet or caused by you. You have to keep your options open to identify and stop the problem once and for all.

Here are factors responsible for bad smell in a room.

Stinking breath and CO2:

Our breath gets grungy during the night. It’s normal and has nothing to do with hygiene. And this, coupled with the fact that we breathe out CO2 all through the night, can contribute to the room’s bad odor.

If you lock the room doors but keep the windows open, chances are you won’t notice a bad smell in the room.

But if you keep the doors and windows locked, the smell would build up gradually and take over the room. Why? The bad breath and CO2 released all through the night are unable to escape from the room.

The room size also plays a crucial role, coupled with the fact that you had the windows and doors locked. In this case, the bad smell will build up and overrun the room faster than you can imagine.

The body’s natural odor:

Your natural body odor is normal. It doesn’t mean you’re not hygienic. What contributes to the body odor is the activities on the skin when we’re fast asleep.

When we sleep, our body tries to fix damaged skin and regulate itself back to its original state. This process leads to the production or emergence of dead skin cells, and light sweat, produced as the body tries to regulate itself.

The body also secretes an oily substance called sebum through the pore spaces on the skin. All these combine to give the room a bad smell.

It’s normal for humans to sweat. And because we sweat, our bodies produce natural odor. So, body odor is sweat’s byproduct over time.

When you sweat, not all of it dries on your skin. Most of the sweat and oil from your body end up in the bedsheet and then the mattress. And over time, bacteria would start building up, and if you don’t react, the room may start smelling bad.

 Dirty pillowcase and bed sheet:

Before you start complaining that your room smells bad, you should check your pillowcase and bedsheet. Are the pillowcase and sheets looking dirty?

If they are, then you have the answers you’re seeking right there. Those are or could be part of the things that are making your room smell bad.

Sweat, dead skins, and oily substance the skin secretes lands on the bedsheet and pillowcase now and then. It doesn’t matter whether you bathe before sleeping or not. It’s the skin’s way of keeping things under control.

A Handy Tip: Your bed sheet and pillowcase shouldn’t stay on the bed for more than two weeks before washing them. Please don’t wait until you find stains or odor oozing from the bed sheet or pillowcase before you wash them.

The mattress is another item that could make your room smell bad. It traps the sweat, oily substances, and dead skin your body releases while you’re fast asleep. Over time, these substances could start smelling bad.

Dirty clothes:

Do you store your dirty clothes in your room? If yes, that could be the reason your room has a bad smell.

If you do jobs that cause you to sweat heavily, store the clothes you wore carefully. It would be best if you also washed it as soon as possible.

The sweat from your body that accumulates on your clothes would cause a buildup of bacteria, leading to the release of some foul smell. The smell could even be worse when you store dirty clothes in a place with poor ventilation.

So, if you’re looking for what could be responsible for the bad odor in your room, check your dirty clothes. Don’t rely on the fact that you work in an office with an air conditioner and sweat only a little.

A Handy Tip: After checking your wardrobe, check your bathroom. If you have a master’s bathroom, check the towel for a bad smell. It’s advisable to keep your towels where they can air out, most especially after every use. Otherwise, it might start smelling bad.

It would be best if you don’t forget to wash your workout clothes immediately after use. Don’t procrastinate.

Sweating is a must during workout sessions. So, make sure you wash your underwear and entire clothes after every workout session.

Leftover food:

With the amount of entertainment most people have in their rooms these days, it’s easier to forget leftover food under the bed or somewhere around the room. Unfortunately, these leftovers won’t decay and disappear. They may start stinking sooner and cause your room to start smelling bad.

So, if you enjoy eating in your room, don’t store any leftovers in the room on top of your bed. There’s also a tendency for crumbs to fall off the plate or from your mouth while eating. Therefore, endeavor to check under the bed and bed sheet for any crumb that may later decompose and start smelling.

A Handy Tip: There’s nothing wrong with eating in your room. What you should guide against is leaving crumbs or leftovers in the room. It’s not suitable for your health and odor receptors.

Wash all food stains and spills. You should also clear old drinks and food containers from your room.

If you like to have a refuse bin in your room, only store items like papers and others that won’t smell no matter how long they stay in the room. Don’t dumb your food cans, drink cans or damaged clothes inside the bin. The clothes may be exposed to liquid, and they may start smelling after a while.


Do you keep pets in your room? That’s kind of you. But have you noticed that your room has started smelling ever since the pet started living there?

If yes, it’s possible that your pet usually plays and rolls on dirt before moving to your room. Some part of the dog’s feces may have also touched its coat.

Imagine such a pet sleeping on your bed. Your bed sheet and the entire room may start smelling bad in no time.

Your pet may also defecate or urinate in your room, probably, under your bed, which you usually don’t visit that often. Again, this can cause the room to smell.

The bottom line is to keep an eye on your pet always the moment it enters your room. Whenever it defecates or urinates, please clean it up immediately.

It would be best if you can bathe your pet as often as possible. Keep the dog’s coat clean and dry before thinking of allowing it to sleep on your bed.

Dead rats:

Rats can live in the most unbelievable places in a home. They can bore tiny holes in the wall or floor and move in there.

Sometimes, most of these rats die in their hideouts. They may have fallen sick or died after consuming a rodenticide called rat poison.

Some rats may die in the open and are easier to identify before decomposition starts. But some rats die in their hideouts. And these are usually very difficult to locate and dispose of. You may have to crack the wall open to remove the decomposing body.

It takes approximately three weeks for a dead rat to decompose completely. So if you can’t wait that long, hire a professional to help crack the wall open and take the dead rat off its hideout.


Why does my room smell bad? Now you know the possible reason. As mentioned in this post, many factors could be responsible for the smell oozing from your room. While you might have caused most of the reasons your room smells bad, some could be out of your control.

In all, you can do something to prevent your room from smelling bad. You need to be more conscious about your hygiene and keep your room clean at all times. Don’t clean it up only when you have a visit.

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