What Does Shrimp Taste Like? Taste And Recipe Ideas 

by Mario Garcia
What Does Shrimp Taste Like

Shrimp is one of the treasures of the sea. It boasts an amazing flavor when properly cooked. And what’s more, you can combine your shrimp with other side dishes. You can also use shrimp in place of other animal protein sources. 

Americans consume over a billion pounds of this incredible seafood. That’s approximately over four pounds of shrimp for each person. 

Shrimp doesn’t only spot an amazing flavor. It blends with diverse dishes and healthy for everyone in the family to consume.

However, shrimp’s taste has been a subject of debate over the years. While some claim that it tastes like white fish, others hold contrary views. 

Now, this takes us back to the question.

What does shrimp taste like?

The raw shrimp taste different from the cooked one. Fresh raw shrimp taste snappy and succulent. It’s almost like grape, though it carries that earthy seafood flavor. Unfortunately, the taste of raw shrimps doesn’t mean anything to Americans. They don’t consume raw shrimp. 

The cooked shrimp is what Americans love. The first thing that can drive you crazy about shrimp is its attractive color once cooked, followed by the aroma.

Well, generally, cooked shrimps do taste nice. But to most people, shrimps taste like chicken, white fish and boast a mild salty flavor. Shrimps have some fibery feel but maintain their tenderness after being cooked.  

Another thing is shrimps boast diverse tastes. By the way, there are hundreds of shrimp species out there.  

So that’s it about the taste of shrimp. But there’s more to this story that you need to know. So keep reading. 

What Is Shrimp?

If you hate seafood, give shrimp a try. Just one bite will make you change your mind. Another thing that will make you love shrimp is its nutritional value. 

Shrimp’s low calories make it a wise choice for individuals looking to lose weight and keep fit. Shrimp is also a decapod crustacean, meaning it has ten legs, including an external skeleton. 

Shrimp is budget-friendly and available round the world. You can find it in Europe, Africa, Asia, and so on. 

A Handy Tip: Prawn and shrimp are different. Prawn is larger than shrimp. 

The interesting part about shrimps is that you can eat them with so many dishes. You can eat them with curry and rice. If there’s any dish you can think of where meat is used, you can equally use shrimps in place of the meat. 

By the way, shrimp is even a better substitute for red meat. It contains a high amount of protein, including low amount of calories and more. 

Now here’s a big question. Do you eat burgers? Have you tried the beef and chicken burger? They surely taste great. But have you tried shrimp burgers? It’s so delicious that you may want to be having it now and then.   

The difference between the beef and chicken to the shrimp burger is the meat. In the shrimp burger, what you’ll find is shrimp, as opposed to chicken or beef. There is shrimp pizza also, though it’s quite rare.  

Given the massive amount of shrimps consumed daily, it’s easy to understand why the seafood is so reasonably priced. They are one of the most consumed foods around the world. 

Nutritional Value Of Shrimps

Forget the taste and tenderness; shrimps come loaded with tons of nutrients and minerals. Eating shrimp will only improve your bone health. It will also improve your general health. 

According to findings shared by the USDA, these are the nutritional value of shrimp (3 ounces). 

  • .24 milligram of fat
  • 60 milligrams of calcium
  • 20 grams of protein
  • 94 milligrams of sodium
  • .17 grams of carbohydrate
  • 33 milligram of magnesium 

Types Of Shrimps 

There are approximately 300 shrimp species out there. But then, not all of them are eatable or available commercially. 

Only the white, pink, brown, and red shrimps are consumable. Then again, the pink or white shrimp boasts diverse varieties. There are gulf, northern, Oregon, southern, and Maine pink shrimp. 

In the white shrimp category, there are white leg and pacific white shrimp. In general, shrimps come in varied sizes. 

Alright, let’s look into the different types of shrimps considered eatable.  

The Pink Shrimp:

As you know, shrimps are identified via their colors. The pink shrimp has a pink color, which makes it attractive. 

The rock shrimp: 

This shrimp boasts a hard shell. And though it’s not as hard as typical rock, it has to be de-shelled before being sold. 

The rock shrimp has almost the same resemblance as lobster, thanks to its firm texture. So, if you can’t find lobster, you can as well go for the rock shrimp. It’s rich in protein, just like its lobster counterpart. 

The tiger shrimp:

While the regular shrimp is adored for its delicate flavor, tiger shrimps boast a sweet and bolder taste. Tiger shrimp’s meat is also firmer. 

You can identify this little and good-tasting shrimp by its stripe. This shrimp can also grow much larger. 

The brown shrimp:

This shrimp is loved for its mineral flavor, surpassing what pink and white shrimps have. They may offer you more iodine too. 

Brown shrimp spots an amazing color before and after being cooked. Once cooked, they tend to turn pink. 

The white shrimp:

You’ll find the Mexican and Chinese white shrimps, farmed. 

This shrimp is loved for its tender texture, mild flavor, and large size. It’s also excellent for Louisiana BBQ, shrimp boils, and other dishes, where they can soak up the dish’s flavor and become more enjoyable to eat.  

The royal red shrimp:

This shrimp spots a firm texture and super-rich flavor, making them a welcome substitute for lobster. The name originated from its bright red color.

Side Dishes You Can Use Shrimps In

Shrimps admittedly taste of the water they originated. These include rivers, sea, and farm water. But with its less exoskeleton and fleshy bodies, shrimps suits a range of dishes.    

Let’s have a quick look at the various options.  

  • Shrimp paste: This is commonly used in diverse Southeast Asian dishes. These include sambal, sauces, and curries.      
  • Garlic butter shrimp: This includes a combination of butter and garlic, and of course, shrimp. Other side dishes you can combine with garlic shrimp include roasted parmesans asparagus, Greek vegetable salad, pesto zoodles, grilled kabobs, mango guacamole, macaroni salad, and Caprese salad.  
  • Shrimp fried rice: This dish is quite easy and quick to prepare. And it’s a delicious one.
  • Coconut Shrimp: If you love your shrimp tasty and crunchy, try the coconut shrimp. 
  •  Shrimp dumplings: This dish is a breeze to prepare. And what’s more, you can have your fillings customized. 
  • Shrimp Cobb salad: This is a light and filling salad packed with avocado, bacon bits, and roasted shrimp. 
  • Shrimp and corn chowder: This creamy chowder is incredibly sweet and smoky. And the flavor is just out of this world. 
  • Bang bang shrimp pasta: This is the easiest and creamiest pasta dish out there. It’s quite a delicacy for the family. 


Shrimp taste great. And you can use it in place of red meat. It comes packed with protein, low calories, among other nutrients and minerals. 

You can prepare your shrimps in different ways or have them combined with other side dishes. It’s one of the treasures of the sea and amazing seafood

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