Do You Tip Ashley Furniture Delivery Guys? Read The Best Answer

by Mario Garcia
Do You Tip Ashley Furniture Delivery Guys

Ashley Furniture delivery guys do one of the toughest and dirtiest jobs on the planet. It requires a great deal of strength and passion for doing such jobs. 

These delivery guys will not only call to notify you of your order and delivery time. They will also deliver and assemble the item in your home. 

Some of these pieces of furniture are super large and heavy, even though Ashley Furniture delivery guys make it looks easy.  

But here’s one question many have been asking. 

Do you tip Ashley Furniture delivery guys?

Tipping is something Americans have in their blood. But that doesn’t mean one should tip every time or whenever there’s a delivery. 

First and foremost, Ashley Furniture’s delivery team isn’t expecting you to tip them. They deliver your item and go their way. But if you wish to tip, you’re free to do so. Ashley Furniture or their delivery people won’t force you on this. 

You are not also obliged to tip the company’s delivery guys. It’s part of Ashley Furniture’s delivery policy. But again, if you feel comfortable doing so, please go ahead. You can appreciate them for a job well done. 

If you also wish to tip, here’s an idea for you. The standard tip you can give a delivery person, whether from Ashley Furniture or another company, is $5 to $10 unless the company states an amount.   

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How Ashley Furniture Delivery Works

Many people would choose Ashley Furniture over others. It’s not because of the company’s fame but structure. In addition to structure, Ashley Furniture offers great value for the money. 

You can get some amazing deals at Ashley’s. The company also offers a wide array of items for adults, kids, and more. 

Ashley Furniture delivery is another aspect of the company that’s worth discussing. Let’s look into it.

Delivering small and large furniture: Ashley sells and delivers small or large furniture. It doesn’t matter your location. The item would be delivered to you. The company also uses standard shipping and UPS to deliver smaller items. 

However, the delivery process is quite different for larger items. If you buy a large piece of furniture that needs the Ashley In-Home delivery, the item could be delivered by Ashcomm shipping service or directly from the store (If you’re close to the store). 

A Handy Tip: If the item purchased from Ashley were large, the company would need at least 2 days before confirming your actual delivery date. 

Ashley Furniture Delivery Time  

Though every shopper wants to have their items delivered as quickly as possible, distance is always a barrier. 

If you’re ordering items from Ashley Furniture, you have to be ready to wait a while. The reason is not that the company’s delivery service is poor. It’s just protocol and to ensure the item gets sent to the right place.

On average, you have to wait for 5 to10 business days for your item to arrive. But then, Ashley Furniture still does 1 to 2 business days shipping. The only thing is such services are for select areas, including items sold online and in-store. 

A Handy Hint: Ashley’s 1 to 2-day shipping service is only for business days. It doesn’t include weekends. Again, things like weather, inventory, and other factors could cause the delivery period to fluctuate.     

Does Ashley Furniture offer rush delivery? Yes, the company does. Most shoppers like requesting this service, so it won’t be a good business decision to neglect it. 

Unfortunately, Ashley’s rush delivery service isn’t for large items, and we can understand why. 

Again, the speed at which your large item from Ashley will get to you depends on several factors. These include the stock available in your area. Another possible reason is the delivery service Ashley decides to contract the delivery of your item to. 

Ashley Furniture Free Delivery

Free shipping is another service Ashley offers. And you can enjoy this service whether you’re a returning or new customer. 

However, you need to know that Ashley’s free shipping is only available for a couple of items at the participating Homestore or online via the company’s deals page. 

The deal page is where you can get the best deals Ashley Furniture has to offer. And you can purchase some cool stuff without breaking your bank. 

On Ashley’s deal page, you’ll find a range of deals almost every day. The deals could range from coupons, free shipping, and price reduction on several new furniture models.  

A Handy Tip:  Even though an item has a free shipping deal, make sure the store associate marks the said item before completing the payment. Don’t assume the store already knows.

Another thing is you can personally get your furniture from Ashley instead of waiting for them to take it to your home. 

Why Most People Don’t Tip Ashley Furniture Delivery Guys

Ashley Furniture sells and delivers furniture of different sizes. Customers also pay for delivery service, depending on the location. 

When you purchase larger items from Ashley Furniture, they contract a related but independent company, Ashley HomeStore, to handle the delivery and assembly of the item. 

Ashley Furniture manages the delivery process for you. But remember you have to pay for the delivery. 

However, there are several reasons most people don’t fancy the idea of tipping delivery guys. Let’s look at them.

You paid for the item: Most people believe they don’t have to tip Ashley Furniture delivery guys because the item they bought isn’t free. The item in question may cost a fortune, so that tipping would raise the total amount spent on one item. 

Delivery guys are well-paid: Most people refuse to tip because they feel that the delivery guys driving trucks are usually well-paid. Otherwise, they would have left the job. So, giving them a tip of $10 or more is a waste of money. They may not even appreciate it. 

You’re paying for the delivery service: Ashley Furniture offers free delivery services for select items. Unfortunately, there’s no free delivery for large items. So, if you’re buying a large item from the company, you have to pay a delivery fee. 

For this reason, most people feel they’re overpaying for delivery by tipping, even though that’s not the case. 

So, all these are the possible reasons many people don’t tip Ashley Furniture delivery guys. 

Reasons To Tip Ashley Furniture Delivery Guys

Many people don’t fancy the idea of tipping delivery guys. Well, it’s a matter of choice, so you can’t blame them for following such a route. 

By the way, it’s not compulsory to tip Ashley Furniture delivery guys. It’s something you do voluntarily. 

However, if you’re seeking good reasons to start tipping Ashley Furniture delivery guys, these should be enough reasons. 

You’re expressing gratitude: Your furniture was delivered to your doorsteps in good shape, so why not appreciate the delivery guys. Please think of the hurdles they had to cross to keep your item in perfect condition. Sometimes, they even had to drive slower than they wanted to ensure your item is in good shape. 

So, a mere tip of $10 or $20 won’t leave a hole in your wallet. And it would show the delivery guys that you appreciate their effort. 

It shows you’re a good person: We’re living in a small world. You don’t know when, where, or in what circumstance you would run into the delivery guys you tipped.

Your little act of kindness in the form of a tip can make the delivery guys come to your rescue. They may also have good things to say about you to others. 

It will make the delivery guys happy: Furniture delivery is one of the hardest jobs on the planet. It’s a thankless job, coupled with the fact that the furniture could be heavy, dirty, and backbreaking. 

There’s also a high chance that your furniture may suffer some dent along the way. But that didn’t happen because the delivery guys did a clean job. 

So, the least you can do to appreciate their effort would be to tip. This act of kindness would put a smile on the delivery guys’ faces. 

It would also interest you to know that your tip could have a ripple effect. The delivery guys might use the same positive mindset when delivering items to you or other shoppers. 


So, do you tip Ashley Furniture delivery guys? As we said, the decision to tip is personal. Ashley won’t mandate you to do such. 

But if you have a heart of gold, tipping shouldn’t be a problem for you. Consider how tough the job is and encourage the delivery guys to keep giving their best by tipping.

Besides tipping, you can even offer the delivery guys some food, water, or something to show appreciation for a job well done. 

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