Refrigerator Brands To Avoid: The Worst Fridge For You

by Mario Garcia
Refrigerator Brands to Avoid

The refrigerator is one of the essential additions to your kitchen. It will have a lot of weight on the kinds of food you store, the other accessories you can put in your kitchen and the electricity bill.

There are numerous brands today, and most are efficient with storage while cutting down on power. 

However, there are some brands that you ought to avoid since they have more disadvantages than advantages.

So which refrigerators are wrong for you? Here is a list, so you know what to stay away from when you go to get a refrigerator;

Refrigerator Brands To Avoid

The worst-rated refrigerator is from Whirlpool, which happens to be a prolific appliance company. There are several reasons why;

  • Leakage in the ice maker makes for a messy fridge and potential damage.
  • There is poor inside space distribution limiting the items you can keep in the fridge.
  • The shelves on the door are narrow, and the handles on the drawers are not strong enough.
  • After around six months, the fridge’s motor will start making a lot of noise which is annoying.
  • The door has alignment issues, and their customer support is awful.

Model example; Whirlpool WRF550CDHZ

Other Refrigerator Brands You Should Avoid

Many unique refrigerator brands are in the market, and they have models that have differing efficiencies. 

The entire brand is not the problem; it’s just a specific model made by the brand that does not meet the user expectations;

1. Brand; Beko 


  • It has fluctuations in temperature.
  • When the ice maker gets filled, it will make a lot of noise.
  • Beko does not offer good customer support
  • It is not trusted to be durable.

Model example; Beko GN141622OCX

2. Brand; Bosch 


  • The shelves are poorly designed, and they will cut down on space inside the fridge.
  • It has water leakage problems.
  • The crisper has a challenge when it comes to keeping humidity.
  • The icemaker tends to malfunction.
  • Some parts of the fridge are made of cheap materials of inferior quality.

Model example; Bosche’s 800 series

3. Brand; Amana


  • Stainless steel doors can develop rust spots.
  • The support beam between the vegetable drawers is weak.
  • The ice builds up, causing leaks on the floor.

Model example; Amana French Door Refrigerator AFD2535FES6

4. Brand; Samsung


  • The ice makers get frozen over in blocks of ice
  • There are temperature management issues that damage food.

Model example; Samsung RF262BEAE

5. Brand; Frigidaire


  • Some of their refrigerators have a malfunctioning ice maker and misaligned doors.
  • It is expensive to repair. 
  • Frigidaire has poor customer service and warranty.

Model example; Frigidaire FGHB2866PF 

6. Brand: KitchenAid 


  • They have water leakage problems and door misalignment.
  • It starts to rust and make noises after some months of use.
  • It has issues with the internal water dispenser.

Model example;  KitchenAid-counter depth.

7. Brand; Maytag


  • There is a lack of refrigerator parts in the market.
  • The hinges of the doors are weak.
  • A warranty does not cover it.

Model example; Maytag MFF2055YEM

8. Brand; Kenmore


  • The ice maker shoots out ice at high speeds
  • The interior is made of cheap materials that need constant repair.
  • The outer surface scratches easily.

Model example; Model 253.56943601

9. Brand; Thermador 


  • The ice maker often malfunctions and makes noises.
  • The components are made of poor-quality material that might fail.
  • It is expensive to repair

Model example; Thermador T36BT71FSE 36 

Overrated Fridge Features That You Should Avoid

Fridges these days come with a lot of features that could be helpful to you. The problem with some of these features is that they burden you with no significant use.

Here are some fridge features you should avoid if you can;

  • Door in door compartments. This is a style that a lot of brands have adopted, but it has no actual advantage.

 It is inconvenient to open the front door of the fridge then have to open other compartment doors. The doors also mess with the cooling in the fridge.

  • King-sized ice makers. This handy feature is for a person who throws constant parties or needs a large amount of ice. 

A smaller ice maker would be much better for a typical home since it will leave space for groceries and other items.

  • Smart fridges. Smart fridges are fabulous, but they are not worth buying into at this time. This is because the number of good models is still low, and the prices are very high. 

However, they will become more common at some point, and the price will make it worth buying.

Tips For Caring Maintaining Your Refrigerator

 After you get yourself a refrigerator, you must take good care of it to save on the cost of repair, replacement, and keep the refrigerator’s food intact. To do this, you need to follow some safety tips as listed;

  • Clean the refrigerator regularly by wiping down the door gaskets and the contacts with the refrigerator.
  • Semi-annually remove the grate at the bottom of the refrigerator for both the front and back parts. Next, use a condenser brush and vacuum to clean the cooling fan, the coil, and the surrounding areas.
  • Do not be too vigorous with cleaning the bottom of the refrigerator since you won’t see what you are doing and might damage the fan or other components.
  • If there is a foul scent in your fridge, consider using baking soda in cleaning or any other deodorizers available on the market.
  • You can apply petroleum jelly on the face of the gasket from top to bottom and on the sides of the seal. This will prevent stickiness and tears in the gasket seal.
  • If your fridge is equipped with a water filter, ensure you replace it every 6 or 12 months. You could also change it if you notice a decrease in water flow and ice-making capabilities.

What To Look For In A Refrigerator

Whether you are replacing your old refrigerator or you are buying one for the first time, there are some essential factors that you need to consider so that you get one that suits you. 

There is a wide variety of brands that offer many models of different features. All the factors come together to define the exact refrigerator you should buy.

Here is a guide on how to select a refrigerator;

Choose the correct budget

Fridges range from $500 to $3000. The price might seem very high, but it is crucial to remember that most refrigerators last for ten to fifteen years, so you should not be scared of spending. 

Get the brand, style, and size you need for your home or business and pay for it since it will last for years. 

Pick the correct size

Refrigerators vary when it comes to sizes. The planned number of users will determine the size of a fridge. For example, if you have a small family of three or four, you could get a small fridge.

If the fridge is intended for a large family or a business with many users, you should get a larger fridge to serve all users. 

The room available will also dictate the size of your refrigerator. If you get a fridge that is too big, it will infringe on the space making your kitchen or business uncomfortable.

Understand your preference and style

Fridges come with a lot of features, designs, and styles. Knowing what your needs are in terms of style will make your final choice a lot easier. 

Some fridges have a top freezer to keep your ice and any other frozen food, while others have a bottom freezer. 

When shopping, you need to consider which one you are more comfortable with. You should also decide if you want a French door style or one that goes side by side.

Get a perfect fit

This will become an issue when you have a built-in unit where the cut-out for the fridge is measured explicitly for the unit. 

You will have to ensure you get a Fridge with the exact dimensions as your previous one for it to fit. The size of your door will also affect the fridge you buy, the doors could be too big, or the unit could be too wide for the refrigerator. 

When creating the unit, use a standard measurement that is easy to get to make replacement and fitting easier.


It is crucial to know some of the brands you should avoid to save you a lot of money and frustration because of constant repairs and replacements. Some brands have had good products, but they went wrong on a specific model. 

Before you buy a refrigerator, ensure you assess all your needs and resources to get the perfect one for you. Then, get the right sized fridge for the right price to work for you without causing a financial crisis.

Most fridges are expensive to buy and repair. This being said, ensure you buy a high-quality fridge and also take good care of it. Keep it as clean as possible with regular inspections to ensure everything is working smoothly.

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