Washing Machine Brands To Avoid: A Secret Guide

by Mario Garcia
Washing Machine Brands to Avoid

The washing machine is both a luxury and a necessity. It’s one of the most critical technologies to become widespread in the 20th and 21st centuries. 

It’s a time-saving machine that also eliminates the effort needed to clean clothes. You load the washing machine with your dirty laundry and detergents and start the cycle with a button press. 

When buying a washing machine, you should be considerate about your needs and the kind of machines out there. 

In other words, your focus should not be on style. Check the functionalities and durability of the device. Listed are some of the washing machine brands to avoid ever. 

Washing Machine Brands To Avoid


This brand garnered a lot of customers because of its versatile products and offers.  However, some Summit models did not come out as perfect. 

They have several issues that will always frustrate you while using them. Here are the reasons why the Summit model is one of the worst washing machine brands available.

  • The brand does not have a mechanism to detect the specific required water level. This leads to water wastage and overloading of the machine. 
  • It leaves spots on freshly washed clothes. The bad thing is that even if you try several times, it’ll still fail you.  
  • It takes a long time to complete tasks (around 5 to 6 hours to dry a load). You’ll have to spend almost half your day checking on the machine. 

The Summit SPWD2201SS (Front Load) model has had a lot of complaints. This model was specifically designed for compact homes. It’s a combo of 2.0 cubic feet washer and a dryer with seven wash and three dry cycles. 

Other Washing Machine Brands To Avoid

1. Speed Queen – AWNA62SN05AW01

Speed Queen is a manufacturer of washing machines headquartered in Ripon, Wisconsin, in the USA. In 2004, the brand labeled itself as the largest manufacturer of laundry equipment in the world. 

The speed queen machines are pretty pricey, but there is no equivalence when comparing their price and efficiency.  Listed are some of the reasons that make this brand no to go for. 

  • It does not have an auto-sense water level
  • Poor water efficiency
  • Little wash options and features
  • It does not have fast wash and woolen wash settings
  • No delay timer

Its recent production, the Speed Queen AWNA62SN05AW01, has failed to live up to the name. This model has a capacity of 8.5kg and is priced at $2695. 

Many buyers and owners of the model regard it as one of Speed Queen’s worst production. In return for its high prices, you will only get an excellent rinse cycle.

2. Whirlpool Model – WTW8700EC

When it comes to reliability, I vouch for the Whirlpool brand. However, this brand gives a lot of effort to design but forgot to increase its machine washing capacity. 

When it comes to Whirlpool, you are paying for the design but not the efficiency. These are some of the reasons that have made Whirlpool to be rated among the worst washing machines.  

  • The remote control and app feature malfunction, it isn’t easy to fix them.
  • The app constantly loses its link with the washer, and reconnecting takes quite along.
  • It doesn’t remove stains, soap stain and wrinkles the laundry
  • The washer quality is bad

The Whirlpool WTW8700EC is the most frowned model. It has some great features, such as customized water cycles and remote control. However, it still has failed to impress its users.

3. Equator 

It’s a famous United States-based company that makes home appliances. The Equator brand is renowned for its exquisite and innovative washer designs. 

Some of its models still have failed to meet the users’ expectations. Many of the customers have expressed their disappointment for the following reasons:

  • The machine suddenly stops and displays an error message
  • It has poor after-sale customer service
  • The dry cycle is not fully functional
  • It can only work on small loads and wrinkles your clothes

The worst model, according to users’ reviews, is Equator EZ 4400.

4. Danby

This brand offers a wide range of washers, both lightweight and compact. The brand has disappointed user due to several issues:

  • Weak spin cycle leaves stain spot on your clothes
  • Repair and maintenance is expensive
  • Poor customer support services
  • The water level does not fill automatically. You have to add manually.

The Danby DWM99W is the worst brand. However, you might love the model because of its remarkable features and layout. 

5. Deco 

It’s a United States brand that provides incredibly priced but top-quality appliances. Its appliances are best for compact residences. However, some Deco models have a lot of setbacks, such as:

  • Small capacity
  • Not energy efficient
  • Poor warranty and customer care
  • At times it stops functioning in the middle of washing
  • Often display screen blackout

The Deco – 4400CV (Front Load) model has the most flaws of all its models

6. Electrolux

It’s a trendy brand, but not all its machines are equally great. Here are some of the reasons why the Electrolux brand is not loved by many.

  • The washer constantly shows error messages.
  • Poor customer care service and warranty

The Electrolux Model – EFLW317TIW seem like a giant but is an ant. It’s a total waste of your money.

7. Samsung 

The Samsung brand is so famous and produces excellent washers. Some of its models are not as superior as the brand name. 

  • It’s not water efficient (Uses 214 L for a wash cycle)

The Samsung WA13M8700GV has received the lowest rating of all the Samsung models

8. Haier

The hair appliance looks like it’s the best creation of a crackpot inventor. It comes with a double washer. So you can do your white and black laundry separately. However, it’s not that efficient, and only leaves your pocket empty. 

  • It does not remove stains.
  • Poor spin efficiency

The Haier HWX8040DW1, priced at $2949, does not do a very great job. 

9. LG

The LG washers are highly-priced. But do not live up to the expectation. They give a lackluster performance. Below are some of the reasons LG is not the most opted for.

  • High water consumption
  • High energy consumption
  • Poor spin efficiency

The LG TWIN 171216 is priced at $3999. It features a washer and dryer up top. There are other better and cheaper options than this model in the market.

Tips For Caring And Maintaining Washing Machines

This appliance offers your household a lot of support. Washing machines require regular maintenance to reduce breakdowns. 

Return the favor by periodically maintaining the washing machine. This will save you a lot of bucks in the long run, plus it might help keep your appliance in commission.

Do not overload

Putting too much clothing in a dryer is not a great idea. To some, it’s a way of saving time. However, overloading does put pressure on the mortar, which leads to overheating of the appliance. 

It might also lead to poor spinning or no spinning at all. However, if you want to wash a heavy load, set the machine at a heavy load. 

The bad thing about heavy load is that it consumes a lot of water, but the clothes will clean. You should also note that heavy loading is not the safest of options. It still puts pressure on the washer.

So the best way to wash heavy or bulky items is doing it in small loads. Plus, put the right amount of water in the machine for the load.

Measure detergent

Most washers do come with instruction manuals. The manuals do come with instructions on the correct amount and type of detergent to use. 

Too much detergent will leave residue on your laundry and can cause wear and tear on your equipment. 

Some high-efficiency washers do require machine-specific detergents. If you choose to use the regular detergent, ensure it’s not too heavy alkaline, or harsh.

Clean the filters

Most semi-automatic washers have lint filters in the washing tub. The filter extracts dirt and lint during the washing process and collects them in a bag.

Ensure to clean the filter regularly. In case it gets full, it won’t be able to collect dirt from the washer. 

The dirt will stick on your clothes and continue building up in the washer. This will have adverse effects on the machine’s life and performance. In extreme cases, it causes damage to the agitator.

Check the hoses regularly

This ensures a smooth flow of water and minimizes water wastage. The automatic and semi-automatic washers have three hoses. 

Two are inlets, while the other one is the outlets. Check the inlet hoses for any leaks or cracks and ensure they are well connected to a water source. 

Remember also to check the outlet. The outlet hose should be checked more frequently. It carries micro fabric particles, lint, and dirty water. With time the particles do build up in the drainage filter and block the pipe. 

Leave the washer door open

Many people close the door of the machine after washing. They believe keeping the door open will allow dirt and dust entry into the interior of the device. This is true to some extent. 

However, it’s advisable not to close the door immediately after washing. You should leave it open for around 15 to 30 minutes to remove moisture and prevent mold and bacteria from growing. 

The machine gets the chance to properly dry up and protect the delicate parts from damages caused by moisture. 

The best way to ensure your machine is free from moisture is by wiping its interior with a thick dry towel.  

Always clean the rubber gasket

The rubber gasket is an integral part of the washing machine. It does wrap the edges of the machine, hence protecting your hands from getting injured by the sharp edges. It also protects your clothes from tear by these sharp edges. 

At times dust particles enter the washer when the door is open. The dust particles accumulate on the sides and edges of the gasket. 

The detergents and softeners do leave residues on the gaskets. The gasket is located outside the tab and suffers a lot of spills. The gasket should be regularly cleaned with a damp cloth once weekly. 

What To Look For In A Washing Machine

Washing machines have become essentials and can be considered as significant investments. They not only retail at high prices but also need a lot of space at home. 

Selecting a suitable machine that matches your needs can be pretty troublesome. Here are some of the most important factors to be looked at when buying a washing machine. 

1. Size

Washing machines are one of the largest appliances in most households. The machines do come in two different widths of 27 inches and 24 inches. 

However, you need to have enough space in your laundry room for easy movement. Before purchasing, you should trace the path through which the washer will get into the laundry space.

2. Capacity

This is dependent mainly on your family’s size and the dirt they bring back from school, work or play. Larger families require more giant capacity washers. 

If you leave alone or with a partner, the compact washer will be effective.  The most giant capacity washing machine measures 6.2 cu.-ft.  A machine of this size can handle a lot of clothes. 

3. Features 

The high-end models have more exciting and advanced features. However, a more extraordinary feature means a higher price. 

If you do not wish to spend lots of dollars, you can stick to the regular, delicate, and heavy models. 

The advanced feature includes things like in-build apps, remote controllers, smartphone alerts.


Laundry is one of the least favorite to-do tasks on everyone’s list. Choosing a suitable washer, which is efficient, is not easy either. There are several brands of washers with different features, styles, and prices. 

In the article, we have offered some great advice on the worst available washer. These washers are pricey and good looking but fail to fulfill their one requirement, cleaning. 

When selecting a washing machine, there are several factors that you should consider, such as features, price, size, etc. 

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