Can You Flush Condoms? A Must-Read

by Mario Garcia
Can You Flush Condoms

How do you normally dispose of your used condoms? This one big question has generated a lot of heated debate over the years. 

Condoms perform an excellent job at protecting people (men and women) from sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unwanted pregnancy. 

After use, most people don’t dispose of their condoms properly. Some even throw theirs on the road. And kids accidentally stumble upon the carelessly disposed condoms and pick them up. Kids  usually see condoms as balloon, until they show it to an adult. 

Now let’s be honest. An easy way to dispose of used condoms is to flush them down the toilet. No one would see or ever know you used a condom. 

But here’s a big question we all need to look into. 

Can you flush condoms? 

The answer is yes and no. It’s yes because you can throw your used condom into the toilet. No one would stop or question you. 

The second answer is no. Why? It’s dangerous and an expensive mistake. It’s dangerous to your plumbing and entire septic system. 

Water doesn’t break condoms. It doesn’t matter how long the condom remains in the septic tank. So, if you’re guilty of flushing used condoms down your toilet, please call it quits. 

Alright, that’s the answer about flushing condoms. But there’s more you need to know regarding this topic. So, continue reading from start to finish. 

What Is Condom? 

Anyone sexually active is expected to have used a condom at one point or another. Even if you haven’t, chances are you have seen one. 

Fluids can pass on STIs and HIV. Examples of such fluids include blood, semen, and vaginal fluid. These fluids are exchanged between a male and a female during sexual intercourse.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s anal or vaginal intercourse. STI or HIV can be contracted if either partner is infected.  

Condom is a tiny piece of rubber, and it’s available for males and females. Males wear condoms on their erected penis before having sexual intercourse with their partners. 

Females also wear condoms, and the reason is the same as men’s. Both genders wear condoms to protect against STIs, HIV, and unwanted pregnancy. 

Why Should You Use Condoms?

Health organizations and NGOs have launched series of campaigns to persuade people to start using condoms. They want higher number or virtually everyone to start using condoms to reduce the spread of STIs and the deadly HIV. 

Condom is not just a contraceptive but one that can prevent you from having STIs and HIV. Skin-to-skin contact during intercourse can transmit infections. But with condoms, your chances of getting infected would reduce. Condom creates a physical barrier that prevents fluid from entering one’s body.  

 Pro Tip: You can get condoms free from healthcare professionals or sexual health clinics. You can also purchase it from pharmacies and shops around. It’s cheap, so there’s no reason for people not to use it. 

Reasons Not To Flush Condoms

Condom is made with latex. And this material prevents fluid from escaping or entering the body via a male or female’s genital. So the material is stronger than people think. It’s not like tissue paper designed to dissolve in water after a while. 

If you’re contemplating flushing condoms down your toilet, these should make you have a change of heart. 

Condoms don’t break down:

Latex itself is biodegradable (can be broken down). But the problem is condom isn’t made from 100 percent natural latex. 

A latex condom is partly natural latex, and synthetic latex (polyisoprene). Both materials are combined to make condoms stronger, tinnier, and comfortable. 

So flushing down condoms is not advisable. It won’t break down in your toilet or when passing through your plumbing line. 

Condoms can clog your toilet:

Constantly flushing condoms down your toilet would have a repercussion one day. Condoms build up in your pipe and septic tank, leading to clogging and failing the septic tank. 

Imagine getting pressed, but you can’t use the toilet because condoms have blocked the pipe, making it impossible to flush. 

You could have averted this problem by disposing of your used condoms the right way. 

Fixing clogged plumbing can be expensive:

Have you ever hired a professional plumber to fix a clogged plumbing? If you haven’t, you should be happy. 

It’s expensive to fix a clogged pipe. The job is equally tasking for plumbers. They have to trace the line to pinpoint where the problem is. 

So, if you’re serious about reducing expenses, ensure you don’t flush condoms. This advice may sound weird, but it could save you some money and give you peace of mind. 

Fixing clogged plumbing is embarrassing:

Imagine opening your plumbing system only to find dozens of condoms there. Your plumber may not utter a word but know that you have embarrassed yourself. 

Flushed condoms can end up in the wrong places:

Flushing condoms is never the best way to dispose of them. You’re endangering your life, including the lives of others. 

There’s a chance that some of the flushed condoms might find their way into your water supply, which can be dangerous. Flushed condoms can also end up in oceans and lakes. 

Imagine how disgusting it would be when these used condoms are washed ashore, and your kids pick them up. It’s irritating and at the same time unhealthy. 

How To Dispose of A Used Condom The Right Way

Disposing of a used condom is much easier than wearing it. It won’t cost you over 5 seconds. 

The first crucial step is to take off the condom. Do this carefully to avoid getting your partner pregnant or infected. 

Once you have done that, wrap the used condom in a tissue paper, old newspaper, or paper bag and send it to the trashcan. 

It’s important to wrap the condom before disposing of it. It doesn’t matter if you’re throwing it in a trash can where other dirt may cover it. 

Just wrap it neatly before disposing of the condom. You don’t want people to see your semen stored in a condom or touching it. 

What if one is in care or somewhere he or she cannot dispose of the condom? Good question. Instead of throwing the condom on the bush or open field, wrap it in a tissue paper, newspaper, or paper bag. 

After wrapping your used condom, get a nylon bag and store it there until you get to a place where you can dispose of it properly. 

Other Important Questions You Need To Know About Condoms

A popular question is can I carry condoms in my wallet? Here’s the answer.

Most people make the mistake of carrying condoms in their wallets. While this may seem great, it isn’t to the National Institutes of Health. 

According to the reputable body, keeping condoms in the wallet isn’t a wise move. They can deteriorate in quality due to friction from the constant opening and closing of the wallet.   

The best you can do is to store your condom in a container in a purse or bag. That way, their quality would be intact.  

Another common question is can I use two condoms at the same time? The answer to this question is no. It’s not advisable or safe to use two condoms simultaneously. There would be friction between the two condoms, reducing their quality and making it easier for the condom to break.


So, can you flush condoms? We hope you now understand the answer to this question. You cannot flush condoms. It’s dangerous and can cause you to spend more in the long run. Flushing condoms down your toilet constantly will clog your plumbing one day. 

It’s expensive to hire a plumber to fix a clogged pipe or failed septic system. You also should be ready for the embarrassment by the time the plumber pulls out the used condoms clogging your toilet. 

The best way to dispose of a used condom is to wrap it up in tissue paper or old newspaper and throw it in a trash can. Don’t throw used condoms in the bush or by the side of your house. 

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