Does Pineapple Belong On Pizza? Our Take On The Issue

by Mario Garcia
Does Pineapple Belong On Pizza

Pineapple on pizza, to most people, is the best thing to have happened to humankind. However, for some, the combination is a tragedy that should never have happened. 

Pizza is a great bonding food. It boasts eight slices and enables families and friends to dine together. 

The iconic pineapple pizza, aka Hawaiian pizza, is a favorite for many Australian households. But in places like Italy, the reverse is the case. 

In Italy, pizza’s birthplace, adding pineapple to pizza is viewed as an Act of War under international law. Many also consider the combination as a barbaric practice and violation of culinary dignity. 

The hatred most people have against Hawaiian pizza is on another level. You might even want to change your mind after reading comments about the pineapple pizza from some of these critics.  

Now, let’s delve into the question. 

Does Pineapple Belong On Pizza?

Yes, it does. If one can add pineapple to ham, what’s wrong with doing the same to pizza? Adding pineapple to pizza is a sensory sensation. Our taste bud also reacts favorably when sugar and salt combine in the right proportion. 

Now let’s ask ourselves. If pineapple and pizza aren’t an ideal cultural mash-up, what makes maple syrup and bacon, corn and caramel, or pretzels and ice cream so? The bottom line is there’s room for improvement. And thanks to the adventurousness of people like Sam Panopoulos, we have a variety of foods to choose from. 

Sam Panopoulos, the Hawaiian pizza’s inventor, invented a unique pizza flavor, which many prefer over other pizza varieties. 

By the way, the pineapple pizza is the second most-cherished and consumed pizza in Australia. That’s why restaurants in the region are making a killing selling the pizza. 

That’s the answer to the pineapple and pizza combination question. But there’s more about this topic that you need to know. So, keep reading. 

Reasons Pineapple Does Belong On Pizza

In 1962, the pineapple pizza, famously called the Hawaiian pizza, was invented. According to Sam Panopoulos, who invented it, the intention was to try something new. He wanted to see how customers would react to it.  

Sam added pineapple to pizza to lure customers to one of his restaurants based in Ontario, Canada. That’s how the famous Hawaiian pizza came into existence. 

The truth is most people don’t believe that adding pineapple to pizza is ideal. And they may have their reasons. 

However, Sam deserves a round of applause for this invention, not backlashes. Here are reasons pineapple on pizza is a good combination. 

Boast incredible health benefits:

We don’t eat food to only fill our stomachs. The aim is to nourish our bodies. So there’s nothing wrong with adding pineapple to pizza as long as it doesn’t mess with your health.  

Most people argue that adding pineapple (a healthy fruit) to pizza (unhealthy food) violates culinary dignity. But how is this so? If pineapple can make the pizza healthier, why should adding it be a problem? 

Interestingly, pineapple boasts a considerable amount of essential vitamins and minerals. It comes loaded with fiber, potassium, and vitamin C. That’s why it’s called a super fruit. 

These antioxidants and nutrients help the body combat free radicals, which damages cells within the body. 

So, why do most people hate pineapple on pizza if it offers so much? Well, let’s move on!

Satisfies the taste bud:

Is the Hawaiian pizza tasteless? No, it’s not. Does it satisfy the taste bud? Yes, it does. Adding pineapple to pizza gives it a refreshing taste that appeals to the taste bud. It’s a combination of sugar and salt, done in the right proportion. 

If the pizza satisfies the taste bud, critics have no reason to condemn it. By the way, has anyone lost their lives after eating Hawaiian pizza? There hasn’t been any such report. 

So, pineapple on pizza not only satisfies the taste bud. It’s also safe to consume.   

Increase in pizza toppings:

Pineapple on pizza is a topping loved by many. It boasts a unique taste and broadens the varieties of pizza out there. 

Imagine how pizza lovers would have reacted if there was only one pizza topping. Many would probably have gotten tired of eating pizza. 

So we ought to fight for the choice of topping to be made a fundamental human right, not condemn it. People should have the courage to choose whatever toppings they prefer without backlash or fear.  

By the way, pizza boasts millions of potential toppings. But there’s no reason to ditch pineapple. Pineapple is a super fruit gives pizza lovers something they can’t get from eating pizzas alone. 

A culinary adventure:

Sam Panopoulos didn’t know how pineapple on pizza would taste when he made the combination. The same goes for other chefs who have invented one cuisine or the other. 

In the end, pineapple on pizza turned out to be quite a rewarding adventure for Sam. It’s even one of the most sought-after pizzas in Australia today.

Many people like it:

Despite the criticism, people are still buying pineapple pizza. If it were that bad as critics claim, the reverse would have been the case. 

In fact, in 2017, the prestigious Time Magazine organized a poll. The result showed that 62 percent of its readers support the idea of having pineapple on pizza. 

Tons of households in Australia cherish pineapple pizza. And there has not been any health concern linked to this combination.  

Why Most Individuals Believe Pineapple Doesn’t Belong On Pizza

Most people are firmly against adding pineapple to pizza. No matter what you say or prevent as proof, these critics aren’t ready to back down either. 

So, why do people claim pineapple and pizza are a wrong combination that should never happen? 

Pizza is quite unhealthy:

Pineapple is a super fruit. It’s healthy and comes packed with essential minerals and vitamins. Pineapple is a healthy topping. And combining it with pizza, which is somewhat unhealthy, isn’t appropriate in the eyes of most individuals.   

But the truth is, if pineapple topping can improve the taste and nutritional value of pizza, what makes it a bad combination then? 

A waste of the fruit:

Most critics argue that using pineapple as a pizza topping is a waste of the super fruit. By the way, pineapple takes two years to cultivate before harvest. 

Unfortunately, these critics forget that using pineapple topping on pizza would open up new market opportunities for pineapple farmers. 

On the other hand, if restaurants have the money to purchase the fruit, while pizza buyers aren’t complaining, there’s no reason for critics to feel bitter about pineapple on pizza. 

Gordon Ramsey’s opinion:

Gordon Ramsey is like the Albert Einstein of the food industry. He’s a professional chef and a big name in the industry. However, the fact that Gordon is against using pineapple on pizza doesn’t make it wrong. 

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It’s Gordon’s opinion, and there’s a possibility that he hasn’t even tasted the pizza. 

Too much acidity:

The tomato sauce used in pizza is acidic. Therefore, critics are against adding pineapple topping because it’s also acidic. They believe having high acidity in pizza can melt one’s stomach. 

Prominent people are against it:

Gordon Ramsey is not the only one that has spoken against pineapple on pizza. In Italy, it’s a crime to make or consume this topping. 

The president of Iceland, Guðni Th. Jóhannesson has also spoken against pineapple pizza. He tweeted in 2017 that he would have banned pineapple pizza. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the power to make such a decision.   


Does pineapple belong on pizza? Yes, it does. If we can accept other toppings and combinations of ingredients, there’s no reason why we should ditch pineapple. Is pineapple healthy? Yes, it is. Does it add any nutritional value to pizza? Yes, it does. 

The taste bud also loves the idea of combining sugar and salt. The pineapple delivers the sweetness, while the pizza offers the salt. So pineapple not only makes the pizza nutritionally outstanding. It also improves its taste. 

Finally, it’s essential to know that taste is subjective. You might prefer pineapple pizza while someone else may dislike it. So, if you’re comfortable eating pineapple pizza, go ahead and eat it. If you aren’t comfortable, it’s best to avoid it. But don’t criticize the people eating it.  

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