Mediterranean Turkey Sandwich

Quick post today! First off, I will not be doing my usual #FollowFriday post tomorrow. Instead, I’ll be participating in Cookies & Crafts for Sandy Hook. Crazy for Crust has organized a way for the blogging community to show support and give tribute to those effected by the shootings last… Read More

New Recipe: Grilled Portabella Mushroom Sandwiches

This recipe is something I’ve been making for a loooong time. It’s probably my favorite vegetarian sandwich. I’m not reinventing the wheel here, but this sandwich is amazing. I think the marinade makes this sandwich better than any portabella sandwich I’ve had in a restaurant. It’s filled with fresh herbs…. I guess it… Read More

Curried Honey Mustard Chicken Sandwiches

Wow. This was a mouthful. A delicious mouthful. Grilled chicken sandwiches are great… but just the same ol’ recipe won’t do it for me. I changed up my everyday honey mustard vinaigrette recipe by adding in some curry and cilantro. YUM! Switch out the traditional sandwich toppings with apple slices,… Read More

Chicken & Goat Cheese Wrap

Today was Day 3 of my new work out plan. I’m a fan of the company, Beach Body, and I’ve done a few of their work out series including Insanity & Turbo Jam. So after seeing the Brazil Butt Lift infomerical for the 12th time, I finally caved and ordered… Read More

Gameday Spicy Chicken Parm Sliders

Today feels like a lazy Sunday. It’s pretty gray & slushy in Chicago. Besides walking to the grocery store, the only kind of activity I’ll get is digging my car out of the snow. I have very low expectations on things I’ll actually get done today. However, I did manage… Read More