Follow Friday – Half Baked Harvest

Happy Friday! I’m totally looking forward to my weekend. Do you know what I have planned?? NOTHING! It’s going to be a weekend to relax because after this weekend, the holiday chaos will start. My work life gets busier. I’ll start my holiday shopping. Parties start popping up on the… Read More

Follow Friday: Bailey Bakes


Hi Everyone! It’s Friday. And that means it’s time for me to feature my Blog Crush of the Week. Meet Bailey from Bailey Bakes! Besides being adorable, she bakes up some yummy looking treats! When she announces a new post on Twitter, I don’t care what I’m doing, I’m clicking… Read More

Follow Friday: Inside BruCrew Life

I attended Online BlogCon last week. I learned so much great information..but the thing I was most surprised by was the network I gained. There were so many awesome bloggers and the Facebook page for the group was blowing up 24/7. It was hard to keep up with everyone’s helpful… Read More

Cheesy Meatball Lasagna

Sometimes I think of a recipe and it won’t leave my mind. It’s in my mind all day. While I’m driving to work, I’m thinking about my grocery list. During lunch, I’m dreaming of dinner.  At the gym, I’m trying to burn extra calories because I know what I’ll be… Read More