Baked Southwestern Eggs Rolls

I’ll admit it. I LOVE Chili’s. It’s probably my favorite restaurant chain. I love the appetizers (holy queso!), Presidential Margaritas and the Molten Brownie Cake. If my husband said “We’re going to Chili’s tonight,” I’d be the happiest girl in the world. In Chicago, there is one Chili’s and it’s in… Read More

Let them eat cake

As much as I have enjoyed my Baking & Pastry Class at Kendall College, I’m starting to feel the effects of eating all of the sugar. I’m one of those people whose pretty good with portion control at everyday meals… but when it comes to sweets, I might as well… Read More

Babies & Cupcakes

This weekend I had the honor of hosting my best friend’s babies shower. Yes, babies. She is expecting twin girls in February. This is the 3rd baby shower I’ve attended and I know this is the next big stage in my peer group. I really wanted to make this shower… Read More