Thirty Minutes at Pier1 Imports

I was running errands the other day and I got side tracked. My husband had to stop off at the bank and instead of eating all of the lollipops in the lobby area, I went across the street to Pier1 Imports.

There are some stores I can walk into and it’s like time stands still, but really an hour has gone by. Pier1 is totally one of those stores. They have SO much cute stuff and the staff is friendly. They totally understand “I’m just browsing” really means “I want everything in the store so just give me a few minutes to see how much I can carry.”

During my latest visit, I took pictures of items I wanted and thought I’d share with you! Maybe you’ll see something that speaks to you, too! (Some of the pictures are linked to Pier1′s website for easy shopping.)

 Birdie Plate_Pier1_The Tasty Fork

I love fun plates! Birdies make me think of Spring.

Wine Corks_Pier1_The Tasty Fork

Instead of a guest book, we had people sign wine corks at our wedding. This would be the perfect place to store them!

Swing_Pier1_The Tasty Fork

I wish I had a big wrap around porch. This swing would be perfect to sit in and drink coffee, read a book, take a nap.

Imagine Dream Inspire_Pier1_The Tasty Fork

Words to live by everyday.

Balls_Pier1_The Tasty Fork

Who doesn’t love some decorative balls??!! :)


I need this for our patio table. Perfect for eating outside at dusk.

Peacock Plate_Pier1_The Tasty Fork

Peacock colors are just gorgeous!!!

VDay Cupcakes_Pier1_TheTastyFork

Clearance items. Buy and store away for next year!


Yes, of course I need three!

Cow and Moon S&P_Pier1_The Tasty Fork

This might be the cutest salt & pepper shaker set I’ve ever seen.


I’m not sure why, but this mug screams, “I’m fancy.”

Flower Measuring Spoons_Pier1_TheTastyFork

These flower measuring spoons are a lot more fun than the boring stainless steel ones I have sitting in a drawer. Maybe I would bake more if I had flowered cute measuring spoons.

Owl Bowls_Pier1_TheTastyFork

I have a strange habit of collecting prep bowls. You can never have too many.

Owl Spoon Rest_Pier1_TheTastyFork

An owl spoon rest would save me some cleaning of the stove headaches.

Owl Measuring Cup_Pier1_TheTastyFork

OK, I guess I had a lot of fun in the owl section. These are just too cute to pass up!

Have a great weekend!! See you on Monday!

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This post was not sponsored by Pier1 Imports….but if they wanted to throw something my way, I’d gladly accept.


8 Responses

  1. Andrea says

    Why did you have to tempt me??? It smells sooo good in Pier 1 that I linger for the smell alone. Thanks to you I’ll be stopping by there once I’m off work. Since I’m at it I may as well visit Home Goods and Trader Joes’s too. You’ve started something! Lol. Andrea @ visiting from SITS.

    • admin says

      I LOVE Home Goods!! (And TJ’s!!) We should shop together :)

  2. Heather @ Sugar Dish Me says

    I could be lost in Pier 1 for DAYS. It’s a good thing I have to drive pretty far to find one. Love your picks!!

    • admin says

      Thanks Heather! Drive far?? Girl, stay in your PJ’s and shop online :)

  3. Pam says

    Oh, I LOVE Pier 1 so much. Love to browse, and yes, time stands still there for me too. The staff there put together my entire living room for me one day, from the sofa to the wool area rug and the pillows to coordinate. And there are always fun, unique things. Love it.

    • admin says

      That’s amazing!! I bet you have the most inviting living room!

  4. Vicki M. Taylor says

    The store where time stands still for me is Macy’s. I walk in there and I’ll walk out hours later and have an armload of clothes. How I picked them out, bought them and walked out without ever knowing is beyond me! Loved the cute stuff at Pier 1 Imports. Will have to stop in our local store one day. Followed you from SITS. Have a blessed day!

    • admin says

      Hi Vicki! Macy’s is an awesome place to shop! I think I can get lost in the beauty department. They have soooo many options.


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